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Mar 25 Reflect My…True Brilliance

Time to Start Loving who you See in The Mirror!
Immerse yourself amongst the white sands of Bunker Bay in the Margaret River region of W.A. and allow Karina Godwin to assist you to transform who and how you see yourself. Expect to begin a relationship with yourself, of actually seeing yourself as good enough, of being worthy and loving your whole package.
Learn to see the reality of who you are! Read More

Oct 15 Target > Pure Joy – Fraser Island, Qld

Awaken the energy inside you which underpins your happiness, love, abundance, health and wellbeing and use it to realign your life with one you can’t wait to start living.
Life has a way of destroying happiness. Immerse yourself in 5 days with Karina Godwin on Fraser Island and allow her to share her success in transforming her own and the lives of others from sadness by learning how to target Jo Read More

Oct 6 Find My Tribe

The Ultimate workshop for creating the life you love living…

For how can it be the life you love, if you aren’t surrounded by the people who empower you to create the greatest happiness? But what does that really mean? Who are your people? What makes a tribe? Read More

Sep 17 Loving You the Ultimate Experience – Palm Cove, Qld

Imagine a life filled with love and balance. A life filled with so much joy and excitement you can hardly
contain yourself…. Imagine looking in the mirror and loving who you see, every single time. You have firm boundaries. You speak up, stand up for yourself and know you are worth it. You know your worth and what you have to offer the world is of great value. You are the leader of your life Read More

Sep 9 Joy Workshop

Sometimes life just doesn’t end up as you’d expected and it’s easy to fall into the darkness if you don’t have the skills create a joyful life. It’s not that you will avoid the dramas of life in doing this workshop, it is just that you’ll find yourself dropping your ability to suffer. Read More

Sep 8 Believe Workshop

When you believe in who you are and all that comes along with that, there is nothing that can control your Spirit. For when you drop away your fear and the power it’s had over you, you’re living a life free of limits, one that is destined for success! Read More

Jul 22 Kind Conversation Workshop

Kind Conversation isn’t about being walked all over, it’s about channelling your internal wisdom into intelligent and Soul feeding communication, that keeps your relationships with everyone healthy and balanced. Read More

Jul 21 Imagine Workshop

The ability to Imagine is the most extraordinary asset, and yet so few people know how to use it! When you can access and activate this incredible skill, you open yourself up to a whole new reality. Dreams become possible, goals are achievable and success and happiness become available for the taking. Read More

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