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When Karina Godwin speaks, people usually listen. She has an innate ability to capture the audience with her cheeky, positive way of making you feel good about yourself. She has this unique way of making you feel like you’re the only person in the room, that she’s speaking directly to you and your unique experience. She’s positive, upbeat but with an interesting infusion of serenity. She captures the imagination and your interest immediately, as you try to discern how she can be that positive, after everything she’s been through.

Whilst Karina has suffered much (childhood sexual abuse, rape, divorce, a severe hypersensitivity to the pain and suffering of others, and most recently cancer), you’d never know it. She’s giving and generous with her time and is passionate about helping others to alleviate their own challenges to create a wonderful life. Her success has only strengthened her desire to make a difference, and she’s spent the last thirty years in the medical and wellness fields doing just that.

Karina grew up as a people pleaser, believing that people could then love her. She lived a life that saw her self-esteem and confidence plummet, as featured in her book Destiny…Put Yourself First. When diagnosed with a large, aggressive tumour with historically poor survival rates, she knew healing was the key. She needed to heal the energetic source of her cancer using everything she’d developed over the years of Meliae Intuitive Healing. If not her nursing told of a very grim outcome. Healing required her to change almost everything about who she’d become and how she saw herself to survive, evolving into a woman who could shine her brilliance with both confidence and style.

Her journey, built on fourteen years of healing and teaching personal growth to both national and international clientele place Karina in an ideal position to create significant change for others. There’s little she hasn’t touched or taught in her career. She’s pragmatic, whilst her humour and willingness to share even the most private moments engages the audience easily. Everyone desires of a better life, that one they yearn for in dreams, yet despite the best of desires, they often get stuck and can’t see their way towards creating that success.

Karina believes that you cannot achieve anything of value if you cannot value yourself. Teaching others to honour and listen to their own needs allows them to see that a happier ‘you’ will be significantly more productive, and able to create the success and achieve way above their previous limitations. Her techniques are simple and easily adaptable to even the busiest life.

Taking people from negative functioning into a positive and more productive way of living happily is her area of expertise. Karina’s ethos is that if you’re happy inside and you like who you are, your life will reflect that. People will want to be around you and you’ll be achieving the life and results you formerly only dreamed of. You’re inspired to be the best you can be and she has all the tools you need to make it a reality. She literally makes decades of life’s disappointments melt away as you learn simple ways to create a life that reflects the truth of who you are, brilliant right down to your core.

Karina is a passionate Speaker on:
  • Putting yourself first, learning to prioritise and create balance
  • How to live positively and finding that silver lining
  • Mastering your fear to create the courage to achieve success
  • Creating a happier life, seeking the joy
  • Shining your brilliance, an exercise in valuing yourself more
  • Living Intuitively
  • Life after sexual abuse
  • Merging families after divorce
  • Kind Communication, improving your relationships
  • Abundance, manifesting a life that’s full
  • Surviving Cancer

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