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Karina is an enigma, a woman of contrasts. Her cheeky, positive approach to life belie the challenges she has overcome. Born highly intuitive, she was watching the world with an incredible level of insight which created a severe hypersensitivity to the pain of others. This, combined with many of her experiences, among them childhood sexual abuse, divorce and financial hardship, would eventually destroy her self-esteem.

Karina’s intuitive abilities made her feel different, so she sought to hide away her brilliance, in the mistaken belief that she could find acceptance and be loved. Her significant capacity to heal others, and her great desire to take away their pain, had her giving to others at a level way over the limits of her body. Her immune system was left with nothing to fight the huge cancerous tumour that grew in her abdomen. she was faced with a dilemma: to survive, she had to destroy all she had become. She had to learn to truly love all of herself, to put herself first to survive.

Karina’s cancer was extremely rare, aggressive and came with a historically poor survival rate. She needed to find a balance between her faith that the body could heal itself with healing, and her nursing background which gave her real reason for concern.

Fuelled by the lessons learnt along the way of how to truly live a life filled with joy, love, opportunity and of course health, Karina successfully beat the cancer. She is an inspiration to so many, who have benefitted from her desire to help those who seek it, to change their own lives into those they yearn for.

Karina is direct, yet with a gentle firmness and her ability to guide, empower and support others to shine their brilliance is extraordinary. Her passion for creating happier, healthier lives in others is matched by her ability to make it simple, with techniques and wisdom that ensure that simplicity is the key to your success.

Karina is the Founder and Creator of the Meliae Intuitive Healing Modality of healing in 2005. She is the founder and Director of the Flying Souls Institute of Healing in Melbourne, Australia, a centre of excellence in alternative therapies from 2003. She is also the author and presenter of over 30 courses, workshops and retreats in personal growth and empowerment. Go to Learning to see her current offerings.


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