Meditations for Strength
Product Information

By Karina Godwin

Audio CD

Description: Guided Meditation Audio CD
Publisher: Flying Souls Publishing
Barcode: 0797776797370

For those times when you feel like you are struggling to achieve your goals or to be the person you know yourself to be. Sometimes the disappointments of life, and the people and events that fill them, appear to zap away your strength. You feel less capable, often for no apparent reason: all you know is that you’re not coping as well or you can’t perform as you used to. Let go of your fear, dissolve your weakness whilst finding your internal power and strength. Recover the ‘real’ you and reconnect to your innate ability to shine the brilliance that is you.

  1. Introduction
  2. Dissolving the Weakness
  3. Connecting to your Power
  4. Taking back your Strength
  5. Releasing the Fear
  6. Finding Your Strengths
  7. Expanding your Strength

The composer for each background music track for this CD can be seen by following this link

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