Meditations for Loss
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By Karina Godwin

Audio CD

Description: Guided Meditation Audio CD
Publisher: Flying Souls Publishing
Barcode: 0797776797417

For the times in life where you are struck down by the loss of someone or something important in your life. Our society isn’t that great at dealing with loss: people never know what to say, and you can find yourself lost and lonely in the centre of your grief. Perhaps you can sense their discomfort with your loss and grief, and you don’t want to upset them. These meditations are specifically to help you process the myriad of emotions, as you move through the grief of loss. Often a redundancy or disappointment can hit you almost as heavily as the death of someone important. Allow yourself to feel all the good that came with that or who you are missing, whilst working to heal and manage the pain, for acceptance and new beginnings.

  1. Introduction
  2. Acknowledging the Loss
  3. Releasing the Pain
  4. Letting the Anger Go
  5. Acceptance
  6. Creating Good Memories
  7. New Beginnings

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