Living and Embracing Your Abundance
Product Information

By Karina Godwin

Audio CD

Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing


Abundance is an understanding. It is more than the ability to manifest: it is the ability to seek, embrace and live it in all aspects of your life; it is a state of living with an open heart. To achieve abundance, it is necessary to recognise and release all that prevents you from experiencing it.

This beautiful CD brings you six simple yet powerful meditations to help you manifest the life of your dreams by gently healing and releasing any blockages that may be standing in the way of you living the truly abundant life you deserve.

  1. Introduction
  2. Manifesting Your Abundance
  3. Releasing Your Abundance Blocks
  4. Receiving Your Abundance
  5. I Deserve to Be Abundant
  6. The Forgiveness Tree
  7. Unlocking the Treasures of Your Abundance
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